Stray Souls – Dollhouse Story Platinum Edition Game Download

Stray Souls – Dollhouse Story Platinum Edition Game Download,Danielle and Sam are the perfect newlywed couple, or so it seems until that all changes one fateful night. A knock at the door whisks Sam away suddenly and without explanation, leaving only a package and the mystery of Sam’s strange childhood. Now Danielle will risk her beating heart to find her husband. Follow Danielle on her nightmarish tale to a dark and haunted town where something that should not exists runs free. Search for clues to her husband’s whereabouts while uncovering his veiled past. Solve tricky puzzles and unlock new areas as you visit spine-tingling locations full of gloom and sorrow. Is Danielle prepared to learn the horrible truth about Sam’s past? Stray Souls – Dollhouse Story Platinum Edition Walkthrough, Hints, Tips, Cheats, Solutions, Help, Guide, Tricks, Answers, Codes, Passwords, Faq, Reviews.


  • This Platinum Edition includes one Bonus Prequel Chapter, Concept Art, Wallpaper, and a stunning musical Soundtrack.
  • Take a frightening journey through a haunted town in this Hidden Object nightmare.
  • Search for a missing husband whose past is mired in a malevolent mystery.
  • Explore hair-raising scenes for useful items to solve creepy puzzles.

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